Vision & Mission


  • The college strongly believes that advances in basic sciences will mainly contribute towards building powerful knowledge based, multicultural and highly developed society.
  • We recognize crucial importance of academic freedom, shared governance, strong faculty & believe in undertaking proactive measures to keep pace with the changing world.
  • At our college, science education is a “fusion of classroom and practical teaching”. Faculty is committed to students and their quest for excellence in science education and research.
  • The college envisages development of mutual respect, leadership and quest for excellence among staff members and students.


  • The fundamental mission of the college is to generate and disseminate knowledge in basic sciences to further the physical, economical and intellectual well-being of students and to motivate and enable students to seek highest levels of intellectual achievements and personal growth.
  • The aim of the college is to create science graduates and postgraduates who will contribute to the progress of the nation in science and technology. At the same time, the college is committed to produce responsible citizens with a sense of integrity, honesty and more importantly having high moral values to the society.