(A) The following scholarships awarded by the State Govt. are made available to the students. The students awarded scholarship under this scheme must attend the college regularly. The scholarship will be withdrawn in case he/she fails to attend 75% of lectures, practicals and 80% of N.C.C. parades (??) or P.T. classes every month (??) and progress of the student is not satisfactory. In such cases, the students will have to pay full fees to college.
Various scholarships that can be availed by the students are:

  1. 1. National Scholarship.
  2. 2. Scholarship to the children of primary & secondary school teacher.
  3. 3. Govt. of India Scholarships to backward class students.
  4. 4. Govt. Open Merit Scholarship.
  5. 5. Scholarship to the children of freedom fighters.
  6. 6. Talent Development Scholarship in Maths & Physics.

(B) The college offers scholarships to deserving students of each class of Rs. 1000/- per student per class.

Important Information Regarding Government of India Post Matric Scholarship to the Backward Class Students

The scheme of grant of Government of India Scholarship to the backward class sudents, Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribes, Nomadic Tribes / Vimukta Jatis and Scheduled Tribes outside specific area in Vidarbha and Nav-Buddhas formerly belonging to Scheduled Caste for post S. S. C. courses is implemented by the Director of Social Welfare, Maharashtra State, Pune. All the backward Class students and Nav- Buddhas formerly belonging to Scheduled Caste undertaking approved post S. S. C. Course are considered
eligible for the Govt. of India Scholarships with the following exceptions.

  1. 1. The student switching over to non professional line after completing professional course in one viz. LL.B. after B.Ed., B.E. after LL.B. will not be held eligible.
  2. 2. The students failing in the Term / Annual Examination are not considered eligible for the scholarships. One failure is however condoned in respect of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes students pursuing Medical and Engineering courses.
  3. 3. (i) The income limit is Rs.1,00,000/- annually for NT, OBC, SBC and for SC, ST students the income limit is Rs. 2,50,000/- annually. Income limits are as far as I know increased; its needs to be checked.
    (ii) The students whose guardians/family income is beyond above said limit should apply for only freeship within 15 days from date of admission.
    (iii) Means Test will be made applicable to Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes students.
    (iv) Students who are in full time employment will not be eligible for scholarships.
    (v) Only two children of the same Parents / Guardians will be entitled to receive Scholarships.

The students who are eligible for Government of India Scholarship will not be required to pay fees which are of compulsory nature.

All backward class students and the students coming under the Lower Income Groups should apply for the Govt. of India Scholarship in the prescribed form through their respective College in the month of July only. The application forms will be made available to them at the time of admission (??). All the students should be vigilant enough to fill in the forms complete in all respect and any omission or incorrect / false information would disqualify them from claiming the above Scholarship. The students having gap in their education should invariably file a appropriate affidavit.