Department of Electronics

The Department of Electronics was established in 1986. The department was headed by Prof. M. B Pande (1986-1991), Prof. D. K. Bangale (1991-1997), Prof. S. V. Athalaye (1997-2002), Dr. S. G. Charalwar (2002-2005), Dr. R. W. Nainani (2005-2007), Dr. M. S. Atone (2007-2009)and the current Head is Dr. N. D. Meshram from 2009 and also supported in teaching by Dr. V. V. Soman and Dr. D. V. Nandanwar.

Names of Programme /Courses offered:   

UG (B.Sc.) with Electronics, Physics and Mathematics with Semester pattern syllabus

Facilities offered by the department:

Major Instruments

Digital Storage Oscilloscope (Model no. D36100CA4 channel, 60 MHz to 200MHz; Color Printout of display; 5.6 inches color TFT, wide viewing angle; 8 x 12 divisions waveform support); Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (3 MHz, 04 nos.); Computers (04), Decibel Meter (01); Digital IC Trainer kit (01); Microprocessor 8085 (06); Audio Frequency Oscillator (03); Function Generator (30 MHz; Model 2019A)

Details of Infrastructural facilities:

  1. Library: The Department of Electronics having departmental library enriched with adequate number of Reference books and Journals and abstract.
  2. b) Internet facilities for Staff & Students: yes
  3. c) Class rooms with ICT facility: yes
  4. d) Laboratories: Electronics laboratory is well equipped with basic instruments.
  5. a) No of Laboratories –             01
  6. b) Staff Room: – 01
  7. c) Store Room: – 01


Dimension of Laboratories and Staff Rooms:

  1. a) Staff room: (19×9.3) Sq. ft.
  2. b) Electronics lab: (29×23.9) Sq. ft.
  3. c) Store room: (29×8.6) Sq. ft.

Staff members

Senior College

Name: Dr. Nilesh Deepak Meshram
Designation: Head & Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D., SET
Contact No.: 09657860865
Specialization: Biomedical Instrumentation
Experience: 14 Years (Teaching)
Publications : 09 (International), 11 (International Conferences), 20 (National Conferences)
Interest : Cricket, Social work & Reading Books
Achievements : He has been nominated on Board Of Studies (BOS) of Electronics Board, as Co -opted member in Eminent Researcher of RTM Nagpur University.

Support Staff



Contact Number

Mr. Rashtrapal W. Kamble

Laboratory Attendant


Courses offered by the department:

UG:-   B. Sc. With the combination of Electronics, Physics & Mathematics

Short Term Certificate Courses: – 01

Design & Implementation of Printed Circuit board

Research Projects:

Completed 01 Minor Research Project by Dr. Nilesh D. Meshram titled “EMR: An Approach to Health Informatics using ATM-R Facility” funded by UGC

Conferences/ workshops/ seminars organized:

The department of Electronics is well versed in organizing the college level seminars for the students to give platform to young brains to interact with the eminent researchers, scholars, teachers & faculties and also develop a quality of organizing an event of such echelon. In this context the department had organized One day symposium on “Interactions in fundamental Electronics-IFE-14 on 22nd February 2014″; “Emerging Trends & applications of Electronics-2015 (ETAE-15) on 03rd March 2015”; “Virtual Instrumentation and Sensors in Electronics -2016  (VISE-16) on 30th March 2016″; “Research Development & Communication in Modern Electronics -2017  (RDCME-17) on 28th July 2017”;  “Luminiating Enhancements in Digital Electronics-2018 (LED-E-18) on 10th August 2018” and “Microcontroller Based Technology & its Applications – 2019  (MBTA-19) on 09th April 2019” a total of 06 symposium uptill now.

Electronics society and activities conducted under the aegis of the society:

            The Department of Electronics, in every academic session installs the students Electronics Society from 2010 till date. The Electronics society provides a platform for the young students to organize and participate in different academic as well as co-curricular activities for their overall development.

            The students under the aegis of Electronics Society gets a chance to involve themselves in activities like Poster Competition, Seminar competition, Quiz Competition, Study Visits to industries &