Department of Languages

English Language has always been an indispensable adjunct of the discipline of Humanities. It helps us fulfil the role of equipping learners with effective communication skills and imparting the deeper socio-ethical values that has encompassed our thorough life. As the time elapsed, the demand and scope of this language soared much than in any other millennia. The proficient use of good language, in this technology ridden world, proffers liberal human interaction beyond temporal manacles of time and space. The users of English as a Second Language, it becomes more imperative to upgrade incessantly towards improving our skills. It is not only the creative language of the arts and culture but also of science, technology, business and the web and internet.

The Department of  Language including English, Marathi, Hindi and Supplementary English was established in 1949, i.e., from the inception of college founding. The Department has a glorious tradition of eminent scholars who have served both as Heads of the Department and as faculty. Prof. Vaidya, Prof. Dabir, Prof. Dande and Prof. Borikar etc were the renowned scholars and HoDs in the department.

Library Facilities:

Departmental Library – More than 60 books on assorted topics.

Course structure:

Three year Bachelor of Science Course wherein the subject is offered as:-

  • Compulsory English
  • Supplementary English or Marathi or Hindi

Activities Undertaken:

  • Regular Guidance to Students
  • Student Counseling
  • Quizzes and Debates
  • Essay Writing, Tests, Assignments, Elocution etc.

Regular Teaching Staff of the Dept.: (Senior College)

Name Designation Qualification
Dr. J. A. Janbandhu HoD M.A. English, NET, SET, Ph.D.
Mrs. Kamal Gonnade CHB M.A. Marathi, M. Phil., B.Ed.
Mrs. Ekadashi Jaitwar CHB M.A. Hindi, B.Ed.

Brief Profile:

Name: Dr. J. A. Janbandhu
Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: M.A. English, NET, SET, Ph.D.
Contact No.: 9423512141
Specialization: Jewish American Literature
Experience: 21 Years
Publications : 03 Books, 05 Research papers
Interest : Post- colonial fiction, Romanticism, Holocaust Literature

Research Projects:

One Minor Research Project Completed. “Bernard Malamud: The Representation of  Moral Values in his Fictive World” (Year 2009-2011) File No:- 23/1443/09 (WRO)

Facilities offered by the Dept:

Departmental Library offers books to the students for their supplementary reading.

Conference/Seminar Workshops organized:

The Department has organized One day National Workshop on “Effective Writing” on 27 February 2016.