Department of Geology

Department of Geology was established in 1952 and it is the oldest under graduate geology department of Central India. The department was headed by Prof. S. S. Khot, Prof. V. J. Deshpande, Dr. M. R. Borikar and Dr. R. P. Deshpande. Current the head of the department is Dr. S. P. Joshi (Associate professor and Head) and is joined by Dr. M. B. Bhagat (Associate Professor). The support staff includes Shri. W. B. Jamutkar, Shri. A. M. Mungse and Shri. R. R. Gandhi.

Department of Geology offers Geology as one of the subjects along with other subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology in combination as per the norms of RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur.

Department has a well equipped laboratory that is used for teaching and research purposes. Department has a vast collection of rocks, minerals, fossils structural models, crystals, thin section of rocks and minerals, aerial photographs and toposheets etc. Department is equipped with polarizing microscopes, research microscopes, binocular polarizing microscope, projection screen microscope, paxiscope, compass clinometers, Brunton compass, geological hammers and GPS.

In addition to classical black board and chalk method, department staff uses ICT tools for enhanced delivery system. ICT is based on infrastructure that includes laptop, desktop with printer-scanner and overhead projector.

The department receives funding for its development under the general grant received from UGC and the funding received as part of the research projects. However, in addition to these, some agencies have played a stellar role in establishing and developing the department to its current state which include:

  • 1. M/s. C. P. Manganese Ore Co. Ltd., Nagpur, M. H.
  • 2. M/s. Pench Valley Coal field, Parasia, M. P.
  • 3. C. P. Syndicate Ltd., Nagpur, M. H.
  • 4. Goenka Mining Syndicate, Nagpur, M. H.
  • 5. Shri. Shriram Durgaprasad, Tumsar, M. H.
  • 6. M/s. Byramji And Co., Nagpur, M. H.
  • 7. Shri.Shyamji Narayanji, Ramtek, M. H.
  • 8. The Newton Chikli Collieries Co. Ltd., Parasia, M. P.
  • 9. M/s. J. A. Trivedi Bros., Balaghat, M. P.
  • 10. M/s. Pacific Minerals Ltd., Culcutta,W. B.
  • 11. M/s. F. Dupre and Co. Ltd., Kamptee, Nagpur, M. H.
  • 12. M/s.Killick Industries Ltd.,Bombay, M.H.
  • 13. M/s.C.K.Ramchoudhari, Kamthi,Nagpur, M.H.

The department has also received financial assistance in the form of funds received under the minor research projects funded by the UGC, New Delhi.

Staff members

Senior College

Photograph Brief profile
S.P. Joshi
Name: Dr. S. P. Joshi
Designation: Associate Professor and Head
Qualification: M.Sc. Tech., Ph.D.
Contact No.: 9226209565
Specialization: Hydrogeology
Teaching experience: 33 years
Publications: 10
Interests: Sports (Chess and Cricket), Classical singing, etc.
Achievements: Nominated on BOS Geology of RTM Nagpur University, Co-opted member of BOS of Geology, Gondwana University, Gadchiroli, M.H.

Support Staff
Name Designation Contact Number
Shri V. B. Jambutkar Laboratory Attendant 9096596066, 9518592771
Shri A. M. Mungse Laboratory Attendant 8087743718
Shri R. R. Gandhi Laboratory Attendant 7972268975, 9822244454

Courses offered by the department:

The department offers geology as one of the subjects in combination with physics, mathematics, chemistry, botany and zoology in a three subject pattern at the level of under graduation.

In addition, the department also offers two short term courses, namely, Groundwater Prospecting, Remote sensing and GIS, to semester I students.

Research Projects:

The faculty members of the department have successfully completed two minor research projects funded by the UGC successfully.

Conferences/ workshops/ seminars organized:

Department of Geology has organized a one day seminar entitled “Recent trends in Bio-Geo sciences” funded by UGC on 14th October 2010.

Geological Society and activities organized under the aegis of the society:

Department of Geology has an active geological society, which is established every year with new student office bearers. Under the aegis of this geological society, various programs such as Science Day/GEOFEST, in which students participate in various activities like group discussions, exhibitions, poster competitions, students’ seminars, Geo-Quiz, etc. are organized on a regular basis.