Core Values

The core values of our college are the ethos for the development of our students, at the levels of curricular and co-curricular activities, and grooming them towards becoming better citizens. We are committed to these values and they have served as a guide over the years, to shape our vision and mission.

We practice:

Moral Values

We inculcate and proliferate the significance of honesty in not only the institute but also the society, by practising it when it comes to relationship between various stakeholders. The quality of integrity is treasured and respected throughout the institutes’ hierarchy. Considering the huge cultural and socio-economic diversity of our nation, we try to enrich the students with moral values like respect, responsibility, truth, righteousness and ethics.

Institutional wellness

We strive for creating an amiable environment for the students and staff, which ultimately ensures coherence. We endorse developing a collegial and professional spirit in the college which leads to acceptance, understanding, a sense of belonging, cooperation, and finally ensures smooth functioning of the college.

Compassion and Social Responsibility

We value our motto of ‘ तत्सुखसुखखत्वं ’ – finding self-happiness in happiness of others. With this in mind, we foster a spirit of compassion for other members of the society and work towards their cause. We have harnessed the potential of the students and staff and aim at bringing reforms at the societal level. Students are involved in extension activities which help them to gauge and have a broader perspective of the societal issues and pursue possible solutions.


We believe in recognising and accepting the commonalities and differences between all individuals for forging a strong bond which strengthens the working of the college. Our student community is a reflection of the entire society, and not catering only to select few. We ensure that all students have fair and equal access to education and other facilities and also have freedom of expressing their thoughts, irrespective of their backgrounds and gender.

Environment awareness

We have always identified environment to be crucial and acknowledge that sustainable use of resources is the key for future generations. We adopt measures aspiring for protecting the environment and encourage the students to understand their broader role towards this.


Since establishment in 1949, we are committed to the cause of student education. For pursuing this cause further we are continuously and constantly engaged in activities leading to capacity building, quality enhancement and sustenance, research, and further improving the standard of

higher education. We critically self-analyse our working and commit to accountability and transparency aiming to achieve a healthy working atmosphere. We recognise the importance of skill and propagate skill-based education. It is our endeavour to create graduates as a skilled workforce, which would contribute to the development of our nation.

Use of technology

With changing time, we have adapted to the demand of modern education and use of modern tools and technologies for imparting quality education. We encourage our workforce to keep abreast with Information and Communication Technology and work towards providing ICT literacy to the student community and adopting ICT-enabled administrative process.

Quest for Excellence

We are assiduous in making our institute a centre of excellence. We understand our strengths and weaknesses and diligently work towards making our students responsible citizens and professionals exuding values, ethics, skills and leadership. We aspire for a culture of excellence for the holistic development of our students and faculty, at par with national and international standards.