Our Vision

                                            Institutional Vision and Leadership   

This college is one of the prestigious colleges in Central India. The college is a center for imparting knowledge about basic sciences with their applicability to the society. The college strongly believes that advances in basic sciences will mainly contribute towards building powerful knowledge based, multicultural and highly developed society. In-depth knowledge of mathematical, biological, physical and earth sciences along with modern outlook has been the main concern of the college. The college envisages knowledge based multicultural society based on sound footing of basic sciences ready to contribute to international advances in the coming years. In this regard the college recognizes crucial importance of academic freedom, shared governance and strong faculty. The college believes in undertaking proactive measures to keep pace with the changing world.Here, science education is a fusion of class room teaching and practical. Faculty is committed to students and their quest for excellence in science, education and research. The college envisages development of mutual respect, leadership and quest for excellence among staff members and students.

Our Mission

The fundamental mission of the college is to generate and disseminate knowledge in basic sciences to further the physical, economical and intellectual well being of students and to motivate and enable students to seek highest levels of intellectual achievements and personal growth. The aim of the college is to create science graduates and postgraduates who will contribute to the progress of the nation in science and technology. At the same time, the college is committed to produce responsible citizens with a sense of integrity, honesty and more importantly having high moral values to the society.

Goals & Objectives

To guide Shri Mathuradas Mohota College of Science in its drive to excel in meeting its responsibilities in teaching, research and social commitments, we have adopted following broad goals.

Enhance academic excellence.
Opening minds to science.
Improve range and quality of educational and other required experiences for our students to transform them from person into personality.
Enhance outreach for the betterment of every section of the society.
Build more scientific, considerate and civil community.
Extend and provide our knowledge and skills for the benefit of marginalized and under-privileged sections of society to remove fear from their minds to   scale new heights.
Provide best possible science education to the students so that this place is a promoter and propagator of scientific spirit and temperament.
Make this college a bastion for intellectuals and a nursery for harnessing the powers of the scholars whose business must be to think in solitude, to   speak in public and question conventionality.
Produce students who learn to imbibe the rich and complex process of science, acquire needs of overall developments of well-rounded persons who
    Can be assets to the society,
    Are able to update knowledge independently,
    Are able to communicate knowledge effectively,
    Are showing the culture of rational thinking,
    Are able to put in systematic and responsible work efforts.

India is heading toward economic success and modernization counting on high-tech industries to propel the nation to prosperity. In this process India needs the scientists doing research in pure science in coordination with the Industries. The large –scale development requires a sophisticated and at least partly knowledge based economy. We teach students programmes in pure as well as science, applied and help them to stand tall by acquiring knowledge and skill needed in future.
India has, and will have the largest number of youth citizen in the world. This is our “demographic dividend.” This has a unique effect that we will have largest work force. Our college is contributing to the progress of India by trying to produce first rate science graduates; with rational thinking and high moral values.

The management members are in the local managing committee (LMC) of the college. They hold meetings with the staff at regular intervals. There are discussions and analysis of results of last university examination at the beginning of the session. The good results fetch appreciation for teachers and bad results are discussed in detail to reach its root cause. The management members are very alert to keep away any kind of injustice coming to students as well as staff and teachers. They are in regular contact with faculty through LMC meeting, QAC meetings, and regular visits to the college.

Awards/Prizes are given to students by management members and the slow learners are taken care of through their counseling, remedial teaching etc. The management always stress in maintaining conducive atmosphere essential to make learning enjoyable in the college.

The responsibilities are distributed to the staff members. The Principal, Vice - Principals and Heads of the departments make sure that the work is communicated to respective person.

The students, staff members and faculty have direct access to the Principal as well as to the management. This helps the complete system to have the information of activities.

The teachers have contact with the management. The teachers/staff are the members of QAC as well as LMC. The management encourages their cooperation through suggestions and implementation of good ideas flowing in from teachers/staff and students. This provide momentum to the improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of institutional processes

The head of the institution keeps the administration transperent. The actual teaching is taken up by him which inspires the faculty. Stress is given by the head towards continuous improvisation of teaching techniques and methods. The Vice Principal and head of departments are in continuous contact with the head of the institution discussing their ideas and concerns. The faculty and staff members are also in contact with the Principal.