In 1854 Bhonsale regime came to an end and British regime started. The Government did not have a separate education department till 1862. The Missionary schools existed but people were reluctant to send their children to these schools on the ground of religion.

But the need for an English education was increasingly felt. There was a primary school that was being run by Shri T. N. Ahirrao, Shri Nanasaheb Chitnavis etc. On 1st April 1869 English classes were added to it and the school was named 'The Grant-in-Aid Anglo-Vernacular School' under the Head Mastership of Shri B.D. Agashe. Shri B.K.Bose & Gangadhar Chitnavis were closely associated with the management of the school. In 1870 the name was changed to 'City School' In the year 1871 some classes of the school were started in Bhudhawari area for the benefit of Koshti Samaj.

In 1881 a School was started exclusively for girls. Now a college was Needed and so the Morris College was started by the same society in 1885. The Society conducted it for 26 years and in 1911 it handed it Over to the Government.

In the year 1893 the name of the school was changed to 'Neil-City High School' as Neil then Commissioner of Nagpur had helped the society a lot in procuring land and accommodation for the school. In 1930 Shri J. M. Kayande had started the 'Nagpur College'. The Management of 'Neil City High School' and 'Nagpur College' came together and established 'NAGPUR SHIKSHAN MANDAL' In the year 1932 with registration No.- 444 under Bombay Public Trust Act and registration No. - 1 of 1932 , 1933 Societies Registration Act.

NAAC has awarded 'A' grade CGPA3.10 (Third Cycle).